Welcome to Sloth Speed Recovery

Sloth Speed Recovery, here on wordpress, aims to provide those in recovery, or seeking recovery, tools and assistance in feeling their best and overcoming whatever comes their way. The assistance provided can also be influenced on what you are looking for, as I would thoroughly appreciate your input so I may share things that will best suit you. In addition, it will be my own personal refuge where I will share my story and how I am coping with the current occurrence and self-destructive behaviours I’ve developed.

I hope that this will be a refuge for those who need it and that you will power through your recovery.

NOTE: It should be expected that the look of this blog will change often in its early days, as I learn more about its functions.

Other recovery accounts:

My recovery tumblr: http://www.slothspeedrecovery.tumblr.com

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/slothrecovery/boards/

7 Cups: https://www.7cupsoftea.com/@MJslothspeedrecovery

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