A New Day

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The feeling of being enveloped in our bed in fear seems all too familiar when we weren’t committed to a recovery lifestyle. Our blinds shut, our blankets over our heads and our tears pouring out of the gates that held them. We did not want to face the day; our fears of our anxiety intertwining into a crippling loss of our own precious lives. Days were wasted away in toxic melancholy we wanted to abandon, but could not even consider departing. But guess what… It’s a new day.

Today is a day of recovery. We have disregarded the concept of being curled up in a croissant of sheets and have made the decision to move on. We will accomplish wondrous things with the hours ahead of us. We will no longer lose ourselves in a midst of pain and waste. We will no longer feel compelled to harm our beautiful bodies. We have chosen life and the quality of our life. We want to see better days and create memories, but to do this, we must construct finer times. We will put so much effort into ourselves, because we are worth it and are entirely deserving.

Today, I wake up strong. I choose to nourish my own life and develop myself further into the person I hope I can become one day. I will dress myself well and eat at least one  hearty meal. With a smile on my face, I will leave my own home into the streets and to my destination. I am allowed to love my body, my flaws and my imperfections. On this day, every selection will benefit my recovery. I will remind myself of how amazing I am, how far I’ve come and that I’m not stopping there. Oh no! I’m running the mile and winning in first place. This is my race and my success. I will acknowledge the beauty that surrounds me and become a part of it. I will create with the depth of my heart and the complex aspects of my brain. I will dance in the presence of starlight and embrace every star that fills my sky.

On this new day, I understand my value and my impact on this Earth. I am aware of the people that love me and what I mean to them. I sense contentment with the fact that my body has not left me and that I am mobile. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned, despite they were from the darkest of my experiences. I can comprehend that my past behaviours were influenced by emotions and that I will continue to make changes to progress. I do not desire to harm my body as it has been my best friend through my entire ordeal. I have a positive outlook on my existence and am glad I did not lose it when I had wanted to.

On this new day, I choose recovery and I will make it. Just you watch.

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