7 Everyday Tasks To Improve Your Mental Health

marge simpson taking a bath 7 everyday tasks to improve your mental health www.slothspeedrecovery.wordpress.com sloth speed recovery

When we suffer from mental illness, everyday tasks can just be forgotten or we do not find the energy or willpower to complete them. Sometimes, we may fool ourselves into thinking we can’t do it, but we can, and we should force ourselves to complete them. Little goals give us a sense of accomplishment and motivation, so why not set them?

Wake Up. It is important to wake up and get out of bed every single morning, no matter how we feel. Optimism for the day, even if we feel awful upon awakening, can turn our whole day around! To help productivity, set an early waking time as we are more productive in the morning hours. Get a good start to your day by offering this to yourself.

Breakfast. Whether you struggle from an eating disorder or not, eating can seem like a mundane task or a struggle. We are worthy of a healthy and hearty breakfast. Start your day of with juicy fruits such as watermelon, berries and mangoes; these fruits will help hydrate you and make you feel great. Have some bananas on the side as well.

If you have a hard time eating foods, it could be beneficial to have a smoothie instead. Use water to liquefy it. Make sure you drink it all!

It is key to note that eggs and bacon won’t be beneficial to you as they are mainly fats and oils, which will drag you down and cause sluggishness during the day, so choose wisely!

Hygiene. Maintaining hygiene can improve your view on life and yourself. Take showers in the morning for a good ol’ wake up call; bringing you to an alert and focused state. Brush your teeth, floss, brush your hair… Anything to help your hygiene and your overall health. You’ll thank yourself later!

Get Dressed. Put on some nice, clean clothes that you feel confident it. Your outfit can boost your self-esteem throughout the day and cause you to seem more approachable. Make sure to wear that pretty/handsome smile!

Clean. Give yourself 15 minutes during the day to tidy up your living space. You will be able to maintain a clean home and give yourself a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes, when our home is dirty, we become more depressed and we may feel our life is a mess, too. Give yourself this time to make Your space more comfortable. And, don’t forget to do your dishes every single day!

Exercise. Put time aside to get your body moving. A simple walk will do, but going for a bike ride, a run or to the gym could help even more. Do whatever makes you feel will work, but work out of your comfort zone to push yourself and accomplish more every day.

Write About Progress. You should be documenting your progress daily so you may eventually observe self-progression. Give yourself check boxes to fill out weekly (or monthly/yearly) and identify your emotions that day. You could journal about them or just have a page on your fridge.

Each day is a new day you can use to better yourself and accomplish different things. You are worthy of the benefits all of these will bring. So, get out there and make little goals!


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