Scouting for Beta Readers!

beta readers, jeffrey dahmer

I am scouting for Beta Readers for my up and coming novel. The draft has just been completed and now, it’s on to the editing. The process will begin after the Holiday season.

(Scroll to the bottom for the Survey)

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is someone who will gain access to chapters during the editing process to provide their opinions, suggestions, notice inconsistencies and point out plot holes, before the book is professionally edited. They will be interviewed and contacted after they have read, asked a list of questions, and their critiques will be taken into account. Beta readers also serve to test the demographic or audience of a book, and they can point out what they would prefer for content.

Beta Expectations?

  • If you are chosen for the Beta process, you will be trusted with edited copies of the book. It is a given that you will not plagiarize the content.
  • You will receive chapters, and I will expect that you make notes about any inconsistencies, or things you didn’t particularly like.
  • I will include a questions page with the chapters so that you can enter your answers into the document, and save us both time in interviews.
  • We will then have an interview over Skype or Facebook and discuss your reading experience. I expect criticism; I urge you to criticize the content.
  • You will be asked questions regarding the experience.
  • I will take your feedback and adjust my work based on that.

It is important to note that the piece you will be getting will not be the final copy. The copy you receive and that will be released may be vastly different.

What is this novel about?

This novel is about Jeffrey Dahmer, and the psychology behind the crimes he committed. It takes a personal step into his life, using real facts, but adding fiction to describe his position in his ordeal.

That is the most content I will provide at this time.


The novel will run between approximately 70 000 – 75 000 words, which is between 280-300 pages for a paperback novel.

Note that it can be a lengthy process, but will be rewarding. You’ll be able to have your own opinion taken into account in a future novel! You may also be able to contribute in the choosing of the title!

Sadly, no monetary compensation will be provided.

If you are interested, please fill out this survey (length: 10 min max). I will be looking for around 20 individuals from different age groups.

Click here to take a survey to be considered for the Beta process.

When I have earned enough responses, I will contact everyone who applied.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please drop them in the comment section.

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