Sloth Speed Recovery is a website available to the public to consult diverse articles relating to mental health and illness, offering advice to recover and have a smoother time doing so. This is a safe place for you to use freely, and learn techniques to help you in everyday life.

A main focus on this website is Borderline Personality Disorder, though we also offer help with depression, anxiety, BFRBs and eating disorders, as well as support and advice for the ones recovering and their loved ones. SSR wants to offer everyone who visits the ability to feel understood and included, and provide the help to go out into the world and function, eve when we don’t feel strong enough.

I am very open to taking in requests for ideas and offering our audience with the help they need.

Understand that I am not a professional, and that I speak from my heart and research. I am very educated in recovery and different treatments, and I have a good understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder and every day life with it. For professional advice, please consult mental health providers near you.

My schedule is not perfect yet, though I try to post 5 times a month, at a minimum.

What does Sloth Speed Recovery mean/entail:

SSR is the concept of going slow at recovery, to eventually attain success.

A sloth is very slow in its movements, and it takes the day as it comes, without rushing. They are persistent creatures, and will continue to travel, even if it takes a minute to travel 0.003 km through the trees! Everyone will follow their own speed that is adequate to their personal experience, though the speed you go should not be the focus. A goal of the recovering and of a sloth is to keep moving forward. You will not catch a sloth going backwards, nor should you!

An interpretation that a friend of mine mentioned was that, those who struggle with mental illness are perceived as lazy, and so are sloths. And though we may be slower in our decisions and actions, we are not lazy and we are breaking the stigma. We have reasoning for our decisions.

And lastly, they are my favourite animal. There is something so magnificent about an animal so persistent and patient and who just never stops trying that really inspires me. Not to mention, they’ve got to be the cutest animals around!

History of Sloth Speed Recovery:

Near the end of 2014, I wanted to recover, though I wasn’t sure how. I was residing in a treatment centre, and I was optimistic for my recovery. Sadly, I did not have the proper mindset, nor did I understand what it takes to recover. I just thought you stayed positive and one day, BAM! You’re well again! I learned the hard way that self harming and staying positive was not a good mix, and recovery is impossible if you are self-destructive.

It started on Tumblr; I had used Tumblr years prior and it was always these very dark, self harm related blogs that worsened me by the day. I thought that if I created a positive blog with beautiful colours and lovely quotes that it could benefit me. And it did.

Unfortunately, Tumblr is too triggering for me nowadays and I do not use my account frequently. Though, if you are interested, the link is still available and all updates from this website are linked there. Maybe someday, I will return and post regularly again.

And so… I welcome you to Sloth Speed Recovery!

Join our community! Be involved in your recovery, be kind and offer what you have to the world around you!

-MJ x 

(Sloth Speed Recovery, since June 2016)

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